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One of the mottos of SVFT is to spread religious awareness by publish different books on Indian religious traditions. SVFT published nine books as of now and distributed all these printed books to all without any charges.  But now a day, because of busy plus fast life and invention of new reading technology,  to read all books in a print format is very hard for new generations. So SVFT tried thru this web site to publish all that books online for general public for read. Please read it and get the benefits out of it.



Shrividya is the name of the hindu religious system devoted to the worship of the Ma Goddess such as Tripuramba, Shivamba, Lalitasundari, Bhuvaneshvari , Shodshi, etc. It’s a worship of Shiva-Shakti. And as per Hinduism Shrividya is the supreme knowledge to get the blessing from divine power of Shiva-Shakti. Without that the moksha is not possible. Originally, Lord Shiva gave Shrividya tradition to Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu gave it to Lord Bhrahma, Lord Bhrahma gave it to God Datt, God Datt gave it to Parshuram and Parshuram gave it Sumegha Rishi.

Shriyantra is the symbolic house of the Shrividya and Ma Tripura Sundari. It is also called Shrichakra or Chakra. There are nine intersecting triangles within a lotus. The Shrichakra is a symbol of the interpenetration of the dynamic female energy called shakti with passive, male realization Shiva. This is used in ceremonial and meditation to help the practitioner realize his identity with the Goddess symbolized in the Shriyantra. The Shrividya is the fifteen-syllabled mantra of the tradition, the sound equivalent of the Shricakra.


Contribute for humanity
on Hurricane SANDY

As you’ve heard in the news, the effects of Hurricane SANDY in the Northeastern part of the United States produced massive damage and destruction. New Jersey was especially hard hit.  Each day, we hear more and more devastating news of this tragedy.

SVFT efforts on SANDY

Recently on 20th Nov, SVFT donate $5000 to American Red Cross with the help of all the supporters of SVFT.



Guruji means teacher or master in Devanagri (गुरुजी) language. It’s originally Sanskrit word. In India as per Hinduism tradition, guru is transmitting divine knowledge and religious guideline to a (शिष्य) Shishya (student).

In Indian culture a person without a Guru or Acharya is consider as an orphan or unfortunate person. We all supporter of SVFT are fortunate that founder of SVFT and our Guruji transmitted his divine knowledge to us and blessed lots of other people all over world.

Param Pujya Shri Laxmikant Purohit Ji

गेहं नाकति गर्वितप्रणमति स्त्रीसंगमो मोक्षति ।

द्वेषि मित्रति पापसुक्रुति क्षमावल्लभो दासति ।।

मृत्यु वैद्यति दुषणं सुगुणति त्वत्पादसंसेमतां

त्वां वन्दे भवभीतिभज्जनकरी गौरीं गिरीशप्रियम् ।।

હે માતા, તારા ચરણકમળોનું સેવન કરવાથી ઘર સ્વર્ગ બને છે. ગર્વિષ્ડ મનુષ્ય પ્રણામ કરનાર બને છે, સંસાર મોક્ષ બને છે, શત્રુ મિત્ર બને છે, પાપ સુકૃત બને છે, રાજા દાસ બને છે, મૃત્યુ વૈદ્ય બને છે, દુર્ગુણ સદગુણ બને છે. એવી સંસારના બધા ભયોનો નાશ કરનારી શિવપ્રિયા ગૌરી હું તને વંદન કરુ છું.

ભાવાર્થઃ Maa Tripura Amba

Welcome all supporters to SVFT online - easiest way to get all informations on our Trust, and puja vidhi on Shrividya - Shriyantra, The reason for creating this website is to spread religious spiritual worship of Shrividya. Here you're going to get the complete specifics of Shrividya and Shriyantra. According to Hindu religious beliefs the entire world is blessed by Lord Shiva and Goddess Shri Ma Parvati. Shrividya Foundation Trust is trying to provide you all the form of the worship of Lord Shri Shiva and Goddess Shri Ma Parvati. It’s our honorary service to community for to spread puja [form of worship] of Lord Shiva, Ma Parvati, Shriyantra, Shrividya, Ganesh and other Hindu God and Goddess.

Welcome to Shrividya Online
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